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About The Author: Ashwati Menon, though, is a native of Kerala, is born and brought up in Gujarat. Writing came early in life and started writing at young age of 8 years. The journey began with short poems and hence on, it has been an upward climb towards trying new style of writing. Currently, she is working in IT Software Company as a Project Manager and has three years of work experience. Education included a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Computers. Her favorite hobbies include reading, dancing and playing guitar. Also, she has published her first novel under the author name "Anita Raghav" titled "Let Me Sleep!"

First of all, Hats off to the writer for being brave enough to choose this genre.
Totally new and alien concept for many of us.
She had tried her best to make the world understand the power of brain and the unsolved mysteries inside it with the story line.
How your brain can work so efficiently, adjusting in every circumstances can be seen in the story.
The cover design of the book is up to the mark justifying the title. However the title seems little odd at first, but when you go through the story it justifies itself at the end.

The scientific words that are mentioned in the story are well carved with storyline.
A glossary is provided at the ending of the book to get familiar to the words mentioned in the story which gained a plus point for  the book.
It’s a story about a girl named "Nishtha" who survives a natural calamity, thousands of kilometers away from her home in Australia.
She loses love of her love “Andrew” and her two soul friends in that calamity.
The story tells you about how Nishtha survives the trauma of that calamity with the power of her mind and gets a natural power to know things before they might actually happen.
The concept is very new.
The synchronization of the chapters could have been done better.

If you are tired with same repeated love stories then please pick this book, I bet  it will take you to a new world!
Overall a good read!
 I would have rated it 3.5 out of 5, but for the concept it earned a half star more.
So I give 4 out of 5.
Happy reading :)



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